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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 DESERT1935 ca.THOMAS HUNT820037675
Archive 11July2003 Disk#1 DESERT LANDSCAPE1925 ca.MABEL PEARL FRAZER830004400
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 DOC BRADLEY'S RANCH1947BENT FRANKLIN LARSEN820037827
Archive 10 May 2005 EAST BENCH SALT LAKE CITY1905 ca.WALDO PARK MIDGLEY820021700
13Nov2002 Disc#1 FALL FOREST1975JUDITH MEHR840029600
Archive 2Sept2003 Disk#1 FIRST COLONIAL HOMESc.1960FLOYD E. BREINHOLT820056300
Archive 3August2001 Disk #1 FLORAL IMPRESSIONSNo dateVIRGINIA F. MOODY910011000
Archive 4 May 2005 FLOWER GARDEN1952-1971JANIS K. STERNBERGS956480000
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 FOREST DETAILc.1960BENT FRANKLIN LARSEN820037837
Archive 14Aug2003 Disk#1 GIRL WITH VIOLINEarly 20th CenturyFRANK VAN SLOUN970030000