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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 30Jun2003 Disk#1 GRANITE STREET ROCKPORTc.1936ANTHONY THIEME840040707
Archive 8Nov2002 Disk#2 MEXICAN GOURDS1956GLEN H. TURNER840027300
Archive 30Jun2003 Disk#1 HOMESTEAD1945 ca.GLEN H. TURNER840041000
Archive 14Aug2003 Disk#1 GIRL WITH VIOLINNo dateFRANK VAN SLOUN970030000
Archive 4 May 2005 LUPINS - STILL LIFE1930-35 ca.GRACE LIBBY VOLLMER820037666
13Nov2002 Disc#1 THE HERMITHAROLD VON SCHMIDT840026900
Archive 2Jul2003 Disk#2 PORTRAIT OF ARIEL BYBEE1990MICHAEL WARDLE960300000
Archive 30Jun2003 Disk#1 BOXELDER TREE IN AUTUMNc.1970FLORENCE WARE840017800
Archive 22 Feb 2005 LANDSCAPE1935FAY WHITE820023700
Archive 11June2003 Disk#1 A TREE STUDY1932HAROLD W. WOOLSTON840019100