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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 11June2003 Disk#1 THE FARMc.1915CHARLES ROSEN840037800
Archive 11June2003 Disk#1 CHINESE LANDSCAPE WITH FISHERNo dateT. SAITO840008300
Archive 10 May 2005 COWBOY ON PALOMINOc.1950PAUL SALISBURY820053404
Archive 22 Feb 2005 THE PROSPECTORc.1955PAUL SALISBURY820053405
Archive 11July2003 Disk#1 WASH DAY AT TEMPE1925 ca.LAWRENCE SQUIRES820046108
Archive 8Nov2002 Disk#2 ABANDONED1939JOHN STANSFIELD820046120
Archive 24Jun2003 Disk#4 SUN ON MT. NEBO19th CenturyJOHN STANSFIELD943530000
Archive 4 May 2005 FLOWER GARDEN1952-1971JANIS K. STERNBERGS956480000
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 LANDSCAPE1935 ca.ALICE E. TAYLOR820014700
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 LANDSCAPE RIVER FALL1938ALICE E. TAYLOR830013200