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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 3Apr2003 Disk#1 WOODLAND SCENE, BROOK AT WINDHAM1920 ca.MAHONRI M. YOUNG832000140
Archive 28Aug2003 Disk#1 SLEEP (2ND STATE)1913MAHONRI M. YOUNG832030039
Archive 23Oct2001 Disk#1 A.B. WRIGHT MILKING A GOAT (V. 942430000)1949MAHONRI M. YOUNG832100027
Archive 23Sept.2004 Disk #1 STUDY FOR A.B. WRIGHT MILKING A GOAT (V. 832100027)1949MAHONRI M. YOUNG942430000
Archive 6Oct2000 Disk #1 WOMAN WITH BROOCH1920 ca.DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001363
Archive 6Oct2000 Disk #1 WOMAN SEATED IN GROVE1920 ca.DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001388
Archive 25September2001 Disk #2 WOMAN IN WINDSOR CHAIR SEWING1920 ca.DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001409
Archive 25September2001 Disk #2 POTTED SUMAC TREE IN WINDOW1920 ca.DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001410
Archive 25September2001 Disk #2 ON THE LAWN, WINDHAM1913DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001420
Archive 25September2001 Disk #2 TWO WOMEN ON SHORE, BAR HARBOR1913DOROTHY WEIR YOUNG824001422