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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 25September2001 Disk #1 BATHERS1940 ca.ALEXANDER ARCHIPENKO830059600
Archive 1October2001 Disk#1 BATMAN - BRAVE AND BOLD1968NEAL ADAMS820058263
Archive 1October2001 Disk #2 BATMAN - BRAVE AND BOLD1967NEAL ADAMS920033400
Archive 3October2001 Disk#1 BATMAN WITH ROBIN THE BOY WONDER: 2-111968BOB KANE820058223
Archive 20Nov2001 Disk#1 BEACH SCENE1923WALLACE MORGAN820038927
Archive 17 March 2008 BEETLE BAILEY: 2-221970ADDISON MORTON WALKER820058241
Archive 22Oct2001 Disk #1 BEETLE BAILEY: 2-22 (PROOF)1970ADDISON MORTON WALKER920033700
Archive 8 June 2005 BIRTH OF VENUS II1976CLINTON ADAMS830028900
Archive 21Sept2000 Disk#1 BLACK ROCK1897JAMES TAYLOR HARWOOD820038072
Archive 16 June 2005 BOAT IN HARBORJULIAN ALDEN WEIR824000132