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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 31May2000 Disk#2 THE BAPTISM OF OUR SAVIOURc.1794BENJAMIN WEST840002400
Archive 1 Dec 2004 OUR EMBLEMc.1942N.C. (NEWELL CONVERS) WYETH936910000
Archive 4May2001 Disk#1 OUESSANT SHEPHERDESS1928MAHONRI M. YOUNG957420000
Archive 3 November 2000 Disk #3 NAVAJO GOATHERD SEATED IN LANDSCAPE1921MAHONRI M. YOUNG832000061
Archive 30Aug2000 Disk#3 RIDING THE GIRDERc. 1940MAHONRI M. YOUNG832000062
Archive 30Jun2003 Disk#1 UNCLE SAM (K#22)1920MAHONRI M. YOUNG832130071