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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 9Feb2001 Disk#1 COVERED WAGONMINERVA TEICHERT980320000
Archive 21Mar2002 Disk#1 GREY WRITING (11/300)No dateMARK TOBEY920043000
Archive 31May2000 Disk#2 THE BAPTISM OF OUR SAVIOURc.1794BENJAMIN WEST840002400
Archive 31May2000 Disk#2 VIEW OF THE SUSQUEHANNA 18301830THOMAS DOUGHTY830025800
Archive 5 Oct 2005 LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS1840-1850ANONYMOUS840025700
Archive 31May2000 Disk#1 CAPTAIN WILLIAM MADIGANc.1866WILLIAM MORRIS HUNT830000800
Archive 31May2000 Disk#2 POCAHONTAS AND JOHN SMITH1870VICTOR NEHLIG (1830 - 1909)840007200
Archive 15Dec2000 Disk#2 PREMIER CHAGRIN1892DANIEL RIDGWAY KNIGHT000140000
Archive 5 Oct 2005 THESMOPHORIA1894-1897FRANCIS DAVIS MILLET030030000
Archive 16May2003 Disk#1 PAUL REVERE1899CYRUS EDWIN DALLIN840018200