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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 27Nov2001 Disk#1 COUNTRY GIRLS1930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651005
Archive 28July2004 Disk#1 CAFE SCENE1930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651006
Archive 28July2004 Disk#1 DINERS, THE1930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651010
Archive 27Nov2001 Disk#1 CARTING CORN1930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651011
Archive 27Nov2001 Disk#1 AT THE THEATER1930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651012
Archive 27Nov2001 Disk#1 DRESSING ROOM NO. 21930 ca.DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651208
Archive 14August2001 Disk #1 LEROY CRUMMERJune 1925DAME LAURA KNIGHT820038977
Archive 14August2001 Disk #1 PUTTING ON ROUGE (V.970420000)1925DAME LAURA KNIGHT820038979
Archive 6June2001 Disk #1 LEROY CRUMMERJune 1925DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651007
Archive 22 May 2005 LEROY CRUMMERJune 1925DAME LAURA KNIGHT830651008