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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 27June2000 Disk#1 YOUNG MAN IN BOW TIE1900MAHONRI M. YOUNG832080447
Media File YOUNG PEACH TREEAugust 1938MAHONRI M. YOUNG832071070
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 YOUNG WOMAN1910 ca.STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037628
Archive 10September2001 Disk#1 YOUNG WOMAN STANDINGc.1883JOHN WILLARD CLAWSON820375124
Archive 19May2000 Disk#2 YOUNG WOMAN WITH A HATc.1890JOHN HAFEN (ATTR.)830049000
Archive 3May2002 Disk#1 YOUNG WOMAN WITH BUSHY HAIR1925 ca.MAHONRI M. YOUNG832080728
Archive 30Jul2002 Disk #1 YOUNG WOMAN WITH TWO GOATS20th CenturyMAHONRI M. YOUNG832070044
Archive 3May2002 Disk#1 YOUNG WOMENMAHONRI M. YOUNG832090165
Archive 21May2002 Disk#1 YUCCA STUDIESMAHONRI M. YOUNG832120035
Archive 30Oct2001 Disk#1 ZEBRA (V. 945970000)MAHONRI M. YOUNG945980000