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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 4 May 2005 STUDY FOR ANACHRONISM1989FRAN MURPHY920014900
Archive 29 March 2005 FOUNDATION1989DAVID OWEN920034000
Archive 23Sept.2004 Disk #1 BEING EXPOSED #71990JULIA COUZENS920034200
Archive 15Mar2002 Disk #1 DEUS EX MACHINA1990 ca.MARK DREIMILLER920014700
Archive 4 May 2005 DANA1991COSTA VAVAGIAKIS920014800
Archive 27June2002 Disk#1 SPIRIT T1991DANIEL MUELLER930490030
Archive 4 May 2005 TWO KEYS, THE1992MARK O'DONNELL930490010
Media File UNTITLED 181992AMY KAUFMAN930490020
Archive 1July2002 Disk#1 BRIDE AND GROOM, THE1992MONICA AISSA MARTINEZ930490040
Media File BASTION1992JERRY CUTLER930490050