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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 1 Dec 2004 YOUNG BOY WITH CAPMAHONRI M. YOUNG832070608
Archive 11July2000 Disk#2 YOU'RE RIGHT AND I'M WRONGMAHONRI M. YOUNG932250000
Archive 23Oct2001 Disk#1 YOGI BEAR1966HANNA-BARBERA PRODUCTIONS820058243
Archive 8Nov2001 Disk#2 YELLOW PIGMAHONRI M. YOUNG832120144
Archive 18April2002 Disk#2 YELLOW GLOVEMAHONRI M. YOUNG941990000
Archive 24May2002 Disk#1 YELLOW FLAG IRISMAHONRI M. YOUNG832090091
Archive 20September2001 Disk #1 YAVAPAI COUNTRY, ARIZONA1900MAYNARD DIXON890001500
Archive 1April2002 Disk#1 YARD SCENEMAHONRI M. YOUNG945180000
Archive 6June2002 Disk#1 YARD LANDSCAPEMAHONRI M. YOUNG930730000