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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 11July2003 Disk#1 MOONLIGHT ON THE RIVERNo dateDEDRICK B. STUBER820037679
Archive 4Mar2002 Disk#1 SNOWSCAPE19th CenturyGARDNER GEORGE SYMONS980690000
Archive 25Jul2002 Disk #3 THE ARABIAN MARKET PLACE1916DOUGLAS ARTHUR TEED950140000
Archive 14June2000 Disk#2 PORTRAIT OF A REDHEAD IN PARIS1891STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037616
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 MRS. BOLLISTER (?) (V. 020100000)1917STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037617
Archive 3Jan2002 Disk#1 YOUNG MAN1910 ca.STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037618
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 WOMAN WITH WHITE HAIR1910 ca.STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037619
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 MR. HOLBURTON OR JUDGE MOORE (?)1910 ca.STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037620
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 MRS. ARTHUR WALKER1910 ca.STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037621
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 BABY SAMPSON1900STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037622