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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 25Oct2003 Disk#1 HOME IN THE HILLS1922CHARLES L. SMITH820037678
Archive 11June2003 Disk#2 INDIAN SUMMER1920 ca.HANSON DUVALL PUTHUFF820037662
Archive 22 Feb 2005 JENNY'S LAKE (THE TETONS)c.1925EDGAR ALWIN PAYNE820037672
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 JOHN B. MILLER1918STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037625
Archive 30Jun2003 Disk#1 LANDSCAPEROBERT BRUCE CRANE820037605
Archive 14June2000 Disk#2 LANDSCAPE IN FRANCE1907JAMES TAYLOR HARWOOD820037651
Archive 22 Feb 2005 LANDSCAPE IN FRANCEEarly 20th CenturyJACQUES SIMON981010000
Archive 11July2003 Disk#1 LANDSCAPE IN GILA ARIZONA1933WILLIAM A. GRIFFITH820037673
Archive 24Jun2003 Disk#1 LANDSCAPE NEAR ALTADENA1935 ca.VAL COSTELLO820037680
Archive 18Apr2003 Disk #1 LANDSCAPE ON SNAKE RIVER1936WILLIAM T. MCDERMITT820037659