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TitleDateRelated People Object Number
Archive 14June2000 Disk#2 PORTRAIT OF A REDHEAD IN PARIS1891STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037616
Archive 30Jan2002 Disk #1 EARLY SPRING1895 ca.J. A. MACDOUGALL820037677
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 ELDERLY WOMAN1898STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037623
Archive 7Dec2001 Disk#1 BABY SAMPSON1900STEPHEN S. THOMAS820037622
Archive 6Nov2002 Disk#1 PORTRAIT OF A REDHEAD1900 ca.JOSEP PANKIEWICZ820037656
After Conservation,  Archive 5 Oct 2005 CHRIST AND THE WISE MEN1900 ca.GEORGE W. MAYNARD820037667
Archive 22 Feb 2005 LANDSCAPE IN FRANCEEarly 20th CenturyJACQUES SIMON981010000
Archive 31May2000 Disk#1 REFLECTIONSc.1910RICHARD EMILE MILLER820037606
Archive 11Nov2002 Disk#1 CAVALIERc.1910ROBERT HENRI820037650
19Nov2002 Disc#1 EARLY SUMMER1906GUY C. WIGGINS820037655