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Media FileMinerva Teichert: Pageants in Paint"
"Minerva Teichert: Pageants in Paint" examines how the American mural and pageantry movements influenced Teichert's artistic production.
Archive 23May2000 Disk#1Minerva Teichert: That He Who Runs May Read"
December 4, 1997 - May 16, 1998
More than 40 of Minerva Teichert's murals and preliminary oil sketches showcase what she considered to be her most important mission in art, the themes of the Book of Mormon.
Archive 20August2001 Disk #1On the Road with C. C. A. Christensen: The Moving Panorama"
March 6, 2003 - February 14, 2004
Brigham Young University Museum of Art is proud to announce a new exhibition titled, On the Road with C.C.A. Christensen: The moving panorama which depicts the religious history of the world from Adam to the life of Joseph Smith, and the pioneers.
Archive 9Feb2001 Disk#5Out of Print: Works by 25 Utah Printmakers"
September 26, 1994 - March 1, 1995
Twenty-five prominent Utah artists have collaborated in creating a suite of fine art prints demonstrating the range and quality of printmaking throughout the state.
Archive 14June2000 Disk#2Pastoral Utah: Landscape Paintings from the Permanent Collection"
January 17, 2001 - August 25, 2001
This exhibition of works from the permanent collection were selected for their pastoral emphasis in their depiction of the Utah landscape. The works span the period from about 1870 to the late 1900s.
Media FilePhotography and Perception: Exploring the Western Landscape"
December 6, 2001 - May 4, 2002
This exhibition assembles photographs that examine the vision and reality of the western landscape in the 19th and 20th centuries. It addresses aesthetic, economic, and social issues related to wilderness and development over the past 150 years.
Exhibit PhotoQuestioning Context: A Spectator Sport"
January 20, 1998 - June 13, 1998
This exhibit invites you to view several works of art from various perspectives -- that of the artists, their contemporaries, and later generations of critics, theorists, and historians.
Archive 2May2000 Disk#2Seeking Rembrandt"
February 27, 1999 - June 14, 1999
Seeking Rembrandt explores the works of this well known artist as well as the others who helped contribute to the Rembrandtesque style.
Archive 15Dec2000 Disk#2The First 100 Years: Collecting Art at BYU (Anniversary Exhibition)"
Archive 10 May 2005The Reality of Abstraction: Utah Painting 1946 - 1996"
January 23, 1997 - April 26, 1997
This exhibition chronicles the advent of abstraction in the state of Utah through the work of 35 painters and brings together carefully selected masterworks from public and private collections throughout the state.