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Available for purchase in Museum Store150 Years of American Painting"
Ongoing Exhibition
This exhibit features many outstanding works from the MOA's art collection. It is comprised of 73 paintings from 1794 to 1944. The collection includes landscapes, portraits, still lifes, historical paintings.
Archive 30May2001 Disk#1Allegories of Empire: British Bird Lithographs of the 19th Century"
March 5, 1998 - September 5, 1998
This collection of bird lithographs represents the work of British natural history artists -- John Gould, Edward Lear, John G. Keulemans, A. F. Lydon, Joseph Wolf, Henry Constantine Richter, William Hart, and Waterhouse Hawkins.
September 2005 - December 2010
American Dreams will replace 150 Years of American Painting, the current exhibition of the museum's holdings that has been on view for the past 11 years.
Media FileAndy Warhol: Marilyn Series"
August 18, 1998 - May 1, 1999
This exhibition focuses on the ten silkscreen images of Marilyn Monroe and the glamorous, but superficial lifestyle she represented.
After Conservation Archive 1 Dec 2004
also Archive 5Oct2005 Disk #1Beholding Salvation: Images of Christ"
November 16, 2006 - June 2007
This exhibition chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through 170 works of paintings, prints, icons, illuminated manuscripts and sculpture from diverse times and creeds.
Archive 23 Feb 2007British Victorian Paintings and Drawings From the Collection of the Brigham Young University Museum of Art"
Archive 15Mar2002 Disk #1Camera and Soul: Milton Goldstein Photographs National Parks"
March 18, 2004 - September 11, 2004
Camera and Soul: Milton Goldstein Photographs of National Parks simultaneously looks at the work of an individual photographer while highlighting some of the cultural trends of the 1960s and 70s that contributed to his accomplishments.
A - Bloch Painting Archive 25Jan2002 Disk#1Carl Heinrich Bloch: "Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda""
Ongoing Exhibition
Brigham Young University ? Museum of Art is proud to announce the very recent acquisition and arrival of a historical painting by Danish artist, Carl Heinrich Bloch [1834-1890] titled: Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda.
A - Bloch Painting Archive 25Jan2002 Disk#1Carl Heinrich Bloch: The Master's Hand"
Archive 28Aug2003 Disk#1Depression Era Prints"
January 1, 2000 - September 9, 2000